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1. NAME : “ South Jersey Carriage Club”

2. PURPOSE: The purpose of the club is to promote the sport of carriage driving for pleasure and show ensuring safety as well as the cultural traditions of driving, and to share the experience with others in an effort to expand interest, experience and knowledge of carriage driving.

3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all individuals and families who support the purpose of this club. A majority of the executive committee may in their absolute discretion expel any member, who in its opinion, is unfit to remain a member.

4. DUES: Dues of $20.00 per year, must be paid by the 1st of January each calendar year. Members may join the club at any time during a calendar year at the current rate of $20.00. Membership committee shall put forth a proposed membership fee for an upcoming calendar year, at the annual meeting, a vote cast on membership fee ( at least 6 members in good standing with the club must be present to make a quoroum.

5. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the club: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee may propose additional committees when and if needed. Chairman shall oversee and preside over the Executive Committee meetings, general meetings. Terms of the Executive Committee shall be for one year, and members may succeed themselves. Nominations shall be heard at the December meeting and voted on by those in attendance at said meeting.

6. ANNUAL MEETING: A annual meeting will be held in December of each calendar year, wherein all committee year end reports shall be presented as well as an accounting of finances of the club. A “nomination” of a member for any Committee or Executive Committee is open and vote to follow of all in attendance following a majority those put forth shall be elected for the following calendar year.

7. Dissolution: If at any time the club becomes unviable, then then Executive Committee by majority vote may dissolve the club and any club assets shall be donated to a related club, charity, or equine rescue organization that the Executive Committee deems acceptable.

8. Amendments / Edits of ByLaws The ByLaws may be added to, edited, revised and or deleted by a quorum and vote. Quorum consists of members of executive board present as well as a minimum of 6 general members present at meeting.